Precision Bowling Ball Drilling
Pro-shop owners and professional drillers are extremely important in drilling your ball. Our Pro Shop technician is Certified by the International Bowling Pro Shop & Instructors Association Inc. (IBPSIA) and are only one of four in the State of Tennessee.

The positive axis point (PAP) of a bowling ball is different for every bowler. We can help you find the PAP, which is the spot on the ball equidistant from every point of the ball's track. Every bowler is different. Even if you and a friend have hands exactly the same size and each purchase the exact same model of bowling ball, you should have different drilling layouts due to your individual PAPs (there is a small chance everything would work out that you have the same PAP, but that's unlikely). The point is, the relation of the pin to the PAP is different for everyone, and if you want to get the maximum performance from your ball, you should get it professional drilled by a trained and certified ball driller. And get it drilled for you and not based on anyone else.

The size of the holes and the distance between them is the thing with which you need to be concerned the least. Your ball driller will measure your hand and fingers and easily be able to determine the proper layout of the holes. The real question is: where do the holes go? The ball is spherical, but that does not mean the holes can go anywhere and give you the same effect. The location of the holes will dramatically impact how your ball behaves on the lanes.

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